Congratulations Police Chief David Bertini!

Menlo Park Bertini resized.pngCongratulations to Interim Police Chief David Bertini on being promoted to the post permanently! The Menlo Park Police Officers' Association enthusiastically supported the appointment of Chief Bertini for the full-time position, officially endorsing him to the City Council, and we are excited to work with him moving forward.

The Menlo Park City News Flash made the announcement yesterday along with some of his background: 

  • Bertini is a 30-year law enforcement veteran, joining Menlo Park in 2011 as a police commander
  • The new Chief of Police is known throughout the state and nationally for his work training and preparing the next generation of officers as an adjunct professor in the College of San Mateo’s Administration of Justice Department

Read the rest of the News Flash here.

As we’ve spent the past five years working with then-Commander Dave Bertini, we’ve seen his strong leadership skills and are confident in his performance as command staff. After reviewing various possibilities and thoughtful analysis, we came to the conclusion that Dave Bertini is the best candidate for Chief of Police.

To read our full endorsement letter to the Mayor and City Council Members, click here.
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