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Welcome to the Menlo Park Police Officer’s Association website. The Menlo Park Police Officer’s Associations goal, through this web site, will be to provide up to date information to the general public relating to our membership. Since its inception, the Menlo Park Police Officer’s Association has been dedicated to protecting those who serve their community. The job of policing requires a significant amount of dedication and carries a high level of stress. Peace Officers are often called to situations, which have escalated to the point where rational thinking and mutual respect is no longer part of the equation. They must act not just as law enforcement officials but also as counselors, mediators, social workers, problem-solvers, and any other profession deemed necessary to accomplish our policing goal. They must do this while trying to calm others down on what is possibly the worst day of a person’s life. Police Officers witness and respond to situations no person should ever have to see or experience. While officers are phenomenally successful at resolving these situations, their successes are seldom acknowledged and given the credit they deserve. Too often the only published or talked about situations are those situations where mistakes were made or officers were unable to peacefully resolve the situation with the magic wand. It is then where a united association will fight for the rights of our officers.

A Peace Officer’s career has been known to take a toll on the officer’s family life as well as mental and physical health. The professional detachment officers must develop and use in order to continue thinking rationally when all seems to fall a part, sometimes spills over into their interactions with family, friends, and members of the public.

Fortunately, the peace officer profession has always looked out for its own. The MPPOA continues to help our members to band together and support each other. We bargain collectively to fight for the best benefits, compensation, and retirement we can get for our officers.

I request both MPPOA members and members of the general public to explore this website and see what the Menlo Park Police Officers' Association is about.

It is truly an honor to serve this community.

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Josh Russell
President of the Menlo Park Police Officers' Association

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