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The members of Menlo Park Police Officers Association are your full-time police patrol officers, detectives and other non-management police professionals serving the citizens and businesses in the City of Menlo Park. While we serve the city, MPPOA serves it's member officers and the community.

We have an outstanding group of dedicated men and women whose hard work in recent years has actually reduced crime in Menlo Park while crime has increased in surrounding communities.

The MPPOA was formed as a non-profit corporation in 1978 to serve as the collective bargaining unit for Menlo Park police officers. The primary purpose for collective bargaining is to secure a fair and equitable contract between the City and MPPOA unit members.

Labor negotiations are just a small part of our role. The MPPOA provides its member officers with important benefits that are not offered or paid by the city. We protect the rights of our officers in issues that arise while they are properly doing their job - protecting you - and we work to assure their benefits so they may continue serving.

These benefits include; Supplemental health insurance, Benefits Assistance Services and Legal Defense Fund coverage representing officers at internal investigations, and Labor Association Activity through our state-wide labor association, Peace Officers Research Association of California (PORAC).

Our association membership is directly involved in the community, giving personal time and money to assist local projects, groups, and individuals. When we see an immediate need, we step up to help. As emergency first-responders we see the human condition in all its forms. We take extra steps in offering assistance directly to our fellow Menlo Park residents, rather than merely referring them to other overburdened agencies.

Thank you for visiting our website, and for your continued generous support of the Menlo Park Police Officers' Association!

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