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We hope you'll find our site enjoyable and informative. Here you will find links to other sites which may be of interest, exchange and interact with us, and find out what we do for our community.

We welcome any comments or suggestions you may have. Please check back frequently to stay up to date!

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Meet The Board

The Menlo Park Police Officers' Association consists of sworn officers, whom have taken an oath to maintain law and order for our citizens.


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From The President

As President of the Menlo Park Police Officers' Association, and on behalf of our entire membership, we would like to thank you for your ongoing support of our cause.


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About The MPPOA

The goal of the MPPOA is to partner with the community and provide quality police service through community interaction, professionalism and ethical behavior, and to create an atmosphere of safety and security.

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Latest News

7 year old Brandon lost part of his foot in a tragic accident in Menlo Park on July 30, 2020. Menlo Park Police Officers' Association and the Menlo Park Police Department partnered with the San Francisco Firefighters' Toy Program to bring gifts to Brandon and his family....
7 year old Brandon lost part of his foot in a tragic accident in Menlo Park 2 weeks ago. He is recovering and in good spirits. Our officers saw a need to help out his family. We partnered with San Francisco Fire Fighter's Toy Program program to get some toys donated to Brandon. We would like to support the family more with costs related to this incident. We are asking our community for their suppo...
We know our community is facing a whole new set of challenges each and every day while we’re all doing our fair share to remain indoors and protect each other from the recent Coronavirus outbreak. While working remotely seems simple enough here are some recommendations that can help you better adjust to these changes while you settle into a new work routine. Share to help our community continue to...

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Menlo Park Police Officers' Association
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